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Why did Jordan Spieth Thank His Chiropractor After Winning the Masters?

The 1 mm difference
The reason why Jordan Spieth thanked his Chiropractor After his big win

Why did Jordan Spieth thank his Chiropractor after his 2015 Master’s victory? The difference between being the 100th ranked golfer in the world and number one is one stroke per round. Remember, little hinges swing big doors. Pro golfers do everything they can to maximize their performance.

The 1 mm Difference, A Razors Edge between 100 to number 1

If a marathon runner’s stride is 1 mm off after 26 miles, he may lose in the sprint to the finish line. If a pro golfer’s putting swing is one mm off he may be 18 strokes back. Dr. Fred Schofield takes a specific X-Ray series of the Upper Cervical Spine and measures to within 1 mm, the alignment of the first cervical vertebra or Atlas. The Atlas houses the brain stem. The brain stem is considered the ‘Houston Control Center’ of the entire body. If the Atlas is only 1 mm off, it can cause the difference between being 100th in the world or being number one in the world.

The Specific Atlas or Upper Cervical Adjustment – The Pro Advantage

Dr. Fred Schofield performs a specific neurological leg check to see if the Atlas is interfering with the brain stem. If the leg check proves to be uneven or lacks normal functional analysis he determines from the X-Ray Analysis the degree and mm of misalignment. A Specific Atlas or Upper Cervical Adjustment is then delivered to remove the brain stem interference. Afterward, a post exam of the neurological and functional leg check is performed. Only then is Dr. Schofield confident that the professional athlete is ready to perform at their best.