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Why is it important to see Your Chiropractor Immediately Following an Auto Accident Injury?

Effects of delaying Chiropractic Care after Auto Accident Injury

Studies have shown that delaying a visit to a Chiropractor after an auto accident injury will likely prolong the treatment needed to reach full recovery. Dr. Fred Schofield, of Atlas Chiropractic in Northwest Phoenix, has said, “After any emotional, chemical or physical trauma it is important to have a Chiropractic Check Up”, and “it is important to get checked immediately after an auto accident injury to prevent permanent damage to your spine and health.”

Why Atlas Chiropractic? – The Atlas Accident Induced Subluxation

The Atlas is the top movable bone of the neck. The Atlas protects the brain stem, and its normal position and motion greatly influences your brain and health. There are no muscles that directly attach to the Atlas, and the Atlas is only held in place by ligaments. Thus, auto accident injury and birth trauma are the number one causes of the Atlas Vertebrae becoming misaligned.

Atlas Chiropractic and Dr. Fred Schofield‘s primary focus is on the health, motion and position of the Atlas Vertebrae. Dr. Fred performs a specialized Atlas exam with x-rays in order to determine if the Atlas is in alignment or out of alignment (subluxated). If it is determined that the Atlas is out of alignment, then Dr. Fred is trained in specific upper cervical or Atlas adjustment procedures to re-align the Atlas.

The Time Factor – “Why Should I Get to My Chiropractor Quickly?”

Delaying correction of the Atlas Subluxation, caused by an auto accident injury, will likely prolong treatment time. First, every minute the Atlas is out of alignment the body’s natural healing may be interfered with, thus dis-ease and sickness will result. Damaged soft tissue will begin to heal in an abnormal position. The longer the body heals in this abnormal position the harder the problem will be to correct.

Auto Accident Injury Evaluation for YOU, YOUR Family or a Friend

If you, a family member or a friend have recently been in an auto accident call Atlas Chiropractic immediately at 1-602-938-8868 or learn more about us at