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Why Should Kids See A Chiropractor Regularly?

The Top Three Reasons for a Kid to get a Regular Spinal Check Up

My kid runs around like a chicken with his head cut off and has tons of energy. He has never missed a day of school, his grades are good, he plays lots of sports, he never complains, and he looks fit. Why should he see a Chiropractor?

Reason Number 1) Atlas Ligament Injury From Birth Trauma

The top bone in the neck weighs only 3 ounces at birth and has no disc securing it to the segment above and below. Also, it only has a few very small ligaments and muscles which hold it in place. Even a natural child birth can leave the Atlas misaligned. Once damaged, the Atlas alignment needs to be monitored regularly to insure communication from the brain, to the cells, through the spinal cord. Only 10% of nerves feel pain, so a kid’s bodily functions can be reduced without pain.

Reason Number 2) Multiple Repetitive Traumas…The Growing Years

Kids subject themselves to more trauma in a few years than most adults could get in an entire lifetime. From toddlers learning to walk, and falling over and over again, to falling out of trees, jumping on beds, and crashing bikes these little spines can take a beating. These regularly occurring multiple traumas effect spinal alignment, and are best taken care of immediately. Kids are very resilient and may not feel pain despite a traumatic subluxation or misalignment. However, this age group is starting to be prescribed pain medication more frequently, and is the largest growing group of medication users.  Left uncorrected, these misalignments will effect organ function and cause more symptoms later in life.

Reason Number 3) Teenagers…Bigger Toys and Studying

As kids turn into teenagers, major and subtle trauma can have life changing effects. For one, most people get into a car accident every ten years, but most of those are from the ages of 16 to 25. These accidents can cause severe ligament and alignment changes. Sports reach a high level trauma at this age, with higher intensity training and collisions on the field. While increased academic demands can leave teens hunched over a book, or computer, for hours; molding their spine into poor posture. At this age pain still may not be felt along with these major misalignments, but will set the stage for future poor health. Some teens will be aware of pain and ask to see the Chiropractor regularly.